Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.
If you are still wondering about something, feel free to write!

Is it possible to ship abroad?

Of course! Shipping outside the country is not a problem. The cost of such shipping varies, but I always try to find the cheapest possible option.

How to check the status of an order?

I will send information about the progress of your order to your e-mail address.

Will custom products look identical to the photos?

There is a detailed description of each product. However, remember that the product you ordered is handmade and will never be the same as the previous one. It will be very similar.

Are you collaborating?

Of course. I have previously cooperated with various companies and I am open to new challenges!

Do you make individual orders?

Yes! I love to combine my ideas with yours, so if you have a vision, be sure to let me know. Together we will create something special!